Feb 1, 2024

Curious & Co. Case Study

Curious & Co. Case Study

We wanted to create a website that was more than just a digital brochure; we wanted to create an experience, a place where visitors could not only learn about us, but also interact and engage with our brand in a fun and unique way.

Website Captures

“We set out to launch a unique, highly interactive website experience that showcased our creativity and dedication to imaginative thinking."

Partnering with highly talented and unique web developer, Piet Dewijngaert, we began a collaborative discussion on the state of the web pages and how we can utilize new tools and technology to create a new experience.


There’s something inherently fun and whimsical about the idea of predicting the future. It's a world filled with mystery, intrigue, and a touch of the absurd. It’s a world where anything is possible…full of creative opportunities for digital storytelling.

Inspiration Moodboard


Drawing from our inspiration in the mystical arts, we conceptualized themes and interactive 3D artifacts for each section of the website, ensuring the unique UI for each was intuitive while seamlessly integrating into the overall experience.


We employed cutting-edge web technologies to ensure a seamless and intuitive user experience, including WebGL via three.js with Draco compression for lightweight 3D models.

We leveraged the GSAP animation library with HTML5 and CSS3; PHP for content management to serve dynamic content
Inspiration Moodboard
Inspiration Moodboard
We took careful consideration to make sure the website displayed and performed equally well on mobile as it did on desktop
Finally, we deployed a Node.js server to interface with ChatGPT’s API to serve custom responses from the Ouija board in the contact section of the website


Designing and building our website was a journey full of challenges and learning experiences. We had to balance our desire to create something unique and engaging with the need to provide clear and useful information about our agency, and we had to do it all with a sense of fun and playfulness. We're proud of what we've achieved, and we hope that our website serves as an inspiration to others in the industry.

Company Info

Curious & Co. is a creative agency known for its innovative and creative approach to digital advertising and entertainment marketing.

We offer a wide range of services, including strategic planning, creative design, digital marketing, and campaign execution. We pride ourselves on our ability to defy conventions to develop truly innovative strategies that help our clients stand out in the crowded advertising landscape.

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