Apr 8, 2014

Awwwards Interviews: JB Grasset talks to us about Ultranoir

Awwwards Interviews: JB Grasset talks to us about Ultranoir

The Awwwards LoveDays Conference proved to be two of the most inspiring days for all of the team. We had the opportunity to meet and interview some of the most important figures in the web industry and the people behind the staggering success of top international agencies. We were surrounded by professionals from all over the world; people who strive to discover creative solutions, to implement standards, and to experiment with the latest web technologies to continue to drive the internet forward. In a world where clients’ needs, technological limitations, and user experience demand ingenious results.

Our aim was to carry out a series of interviews giving the Awwwards community an insight into the agencies they admire; a behind-the-scenes look their creative processes, their project management, the technologies they use, how they see the future of web design… Thanks to our friends Département Créatif, along with Pierre Betoliere and Raul Rovina de Godoy, we filmed a series of short interviews with agencies like Ultranoir, Hello Monday, ShiftBrain, etc., and of course, some of our speakers: Simon Collison, Bruce Lawson, The Standardistas, and Aaron Gustafson to name but a few.

Today, to launch this exclusive content, we are happy to welcome JB Grasset, creative director and co-founder of Ultranoir, to talk to us about the evolution of the agency, their multi-device strategy, internal projects, and much, much more.

Stay tuned over the coming days and weeks as we publish more in this incredible series of Awwwards Interviews. Now sit back and enjoy!

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