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NEW Special offer Looping softbodies in Houdini and Redshift By Paul Esteves
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Looping softbodies in Houdini and Redshift
English English, Spanish, French (+3) [Machine translation]
1 Hour Course

Looping softbodies in Houdini and Redshift

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This course is aimed at beginners and intermediate users. A basic understanding of the Houdini interface is assumed.

We will go step by step, so you understand each section properly, and can adapt the principles to your unique project. We will cover every aspect needed to create a production level softbody simulation from start to final render.

We’ll look at a variety of methods to achieve the same result so you can adapt and use these principles on whatever your current project requires.

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Course Table of contents
What will you learn?

8 sections • 31 lectures • 1 hour

  • Introduction
    2 lectures 01:18 Mins
    • Introduction about me
      00:37 Mins
    • Overview of the different topics we’ll cover in this course
      00:41 Mins
  • Setting up our scene
    4 lectures 04:32 Mins
    • Creating a spiral
      02:04 Mins
    • Copy spheres onto the spiral with various attributes
      01:25 Mins
    • Creating groups
      00:37 Mins
    • Setting up vellum
      00:26 Mins
  • Creating Falloffs
    6 lectures 09:12 Mins
    • Pyro spread
      01:14 Mins
    • Infection solver
      00:52 Mins
    • Mask from geometry
      00:33 Mins
    • Mops Shape falloff
      00:49 Mins
    • Mops spread falloffs
      00:25 Mins
    • Curveu ramp
      05:19 Mins
  • Driving Vellum with attributes
    3 lectures 08:14 Mins
    • Importing attributes into Vellum
      03:18 Mins
    • Creating new rest length attributes
      01:55 Mins
    • Additional Thoughts and re-using geometry wrangles
      03:01 Mins
  • Vellum Settings
    3 lectures 03:07 Mins
    • Setting up test geometry
      01:02 Mins
    • Testing settings on test geo
      01:35 Mins
    • Testing settings on spiral
      00:30 Mins
  • Post Sim Workflows
    6 lectures 15:45 Mins
    • Caching our simulation
      00:54 Mins
    • Transferring attributes
      00:47 Mins
    • Creating a smoothing solver
      04:56 Mins
    • Post scaling the objects
      01:54 Mins
    • Post Processing
      00:45 Mins
    • Looping Ideas
      06:29 Mins
  • Render Setup in Redshift
    6 lectures 16:22 Mins
    • Adding attribute to use in render
      01:24 Mins
    • Finding references and creating inspiration board
      00:58 Mins
    • Setting up lights and a background
      01:32 Mins
    • Redshift output settings
      00:36 Mins
    • Materials and PostFX setup
      10:47 Mins
    • Final render
      01:05 Mins
  • Wrap up
    1 lectures 00:24 Mins
    • Final thoughts
      00:24 Mins
Course details

Looping softbodies in Houdini and Redshift

Looping softbodies in Houdini and Redshift

By Paul Esteves

$25 75% off $100

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  • English
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  • Beginners & Intermediate
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  • Full time access
  • Certificate of completion
About the Speaker
Learn from the best
  • Paul Esteves

    Paul Esteves

    Freelance Motion Designer/3D Generalist


    I’m a self taught motion designer and 3d Generalist from Durban, South Africa. However, I am now based in Munich, Germany. I love creating looping simulations in my personal explorations. I also work for studios and agencies as a 3d Generalist on a variety of projects. I use Sidefx as my primary tool and Redshift as my renderer of choice.

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