NEW From Poster to Screen: Designing Editorial Based Websites By Cuchillo
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From Poster to Screen: Designing Editorial Based Websites
English English, Spanish, French (+3) [Machine translation]
4 Hours 49 Mins Course

From Poster to Screen: Designing Editorial Based Websites

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We will highlight the importance of editorial design when you are creating a killer digital project. You will get to know the foundations of design, how to apply this knowledge and how to break the rules, so you can put together out of the box and unconventional award-winning digital experiences.

In this course we will examine the key points concerning editorial design such as: Typography, Grids, Color, Graphic elements and Art Direction. We look at how these elements help us when creating a clean and organised website which is also innovative, contemporary and visually stimulating.

We are going to give you insight into our theoretical framework. There will be practical examples and we will provide you with a wide range of tools and handy tips which we have picked up and refined and sharpened whilst working for a diverse clientele for whom we have designed a myriad of visual identities based on editorial design.

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Course Table of contents
What will you learn?

6 sections • 24 lectures • 4 hours 49 mins

  • Part I: Meet&Greet
    3 lectures 08:51 Mins
    • Hi! We are Cuchillo
      02:00 Mins
    • Background & Visual References
      04:52 Mins
    • About this Course
      01:59 Mins
  • Part II: Evolution of Editorial / Website Design
    3 lectures 35:13 Mins
    • Inspo: Editorial Websites References
      08:43 Mins
    • Timeline Editorial Design
      09:55 Mins
    • Timeline Web Design
      16:35 Mins
  • Part III: Key Points of Editorial Design
    6 lectures 1 Hour 30 Mins
    • Grids
      08:45 Mins
    • Typography
      35:00 Mins
    • Layout
      07:30 Mins
    • Visual Elements
      09:00 Mins
    • Color
      10:12 Mins
    • Storytelling & Art Direction
      20:12 Mins
  • Part IV: Know the rules, break the rules
    5 lectures 36:05 Mins
    • Breaking the law
      04:10 Mins
    • Inspo: From Marinetti to David Carson
      13:10 Mins
    • Digital Rule Breaking
      16:10 Mins
    • Being a Self Taught
      01:40 Mins
    • Ugly is the New Beauty
      01:55 Mins
  • Part V: From Poster to screen
    6 lectures 1 Hour 59 Mins
    • A Brief History of the Poster
      14:46 Mins
    • Turn the brand into a Poster
      31:55 Mins
    • From Poster to Web Design
      34:52 Mins
    • Presenting the design to your client
      05:00 Mins
    • Apply the design system to the whole web
      16:17 Mins
    • The importance of Interactive Design
      16:39 Mins
  • Part VI: Bye, adios, agur
    1 lectures 01:00 Mins
    • Zenkius
      01:00 Mins
Cuchillo Creative Gang
Work Work Work 
Work Work Work 
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From Poster to Screen: Designing Editorial Based Websites

From Poster to Screen: Designing Editorial Based Websites

By Cuchillo

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  • English
  • English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Italian, Portuguese (Machine translation)
  • Intermediate & Professional
  • Access on mobile and Desktop
  • Full time access
  • Certificate of completion
About the Speaker
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  • Cuchillo


    Digital Design Studio


    Cuchillo is a creative team specialized in building new perspectives and bold digital concepts for brands to be timeless.

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