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NEW Special offer Building Better User Experiences with a Product Thinking Approach By Olha Uzhykova
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Building Better User Experiences with a Product Thinking Approach
English English, Spanish, French (+3) [Machine translation]
4 Hours 8 Mins Course

Building Better User Experiences with a Product Thinking Approach

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If you find yourself coming up empty when searching for ideas for a new project, or even generate millions of different ideas but don’t know which one to choose - you aren’t alone. Don’t spend hours looking for inspiration - all you need is a good approach and the right questions - This is where product thinking can help!

In this course, we will examine the common pitfalls of ideation and unlock the secrets of product thinking to find and apply solutions. Product thinking can help you create better designs for any project, from simple landing pages to layered platforms. It also provides additional arguments to advocate for design decisions and win approval from clients by opening constructive channels to discuss how a solution specifically helps achieve goals and solve user problems.

I will walk you through the process we use at Netrix, starting from research, user flows, and wireframes to the final UI, testing, and, of course, presentation. We will discuss the “5W1H” method and conduct research, create user flows, and determine when to use wireframes and when to skip them. I’ll also help you understand whether to create several UI concepts or just one and how prototypes or animations may help you present your design solution. Also, we will create a prototype in Figma and set up remote user testing to try out our solutions. Every lesson will include real examples and insights from my work.

All of this is important when you already have a project. But what to do if you don't have one? I will share insights on how to win projects and how to present yourself at your first meetings with clients.

We will also talk about the importance of communication and building relationships with clients. Finally, I will share a list of sources and tools that can be put to use immediately when working on any project to help improve a project’s efficiency.

The goal is for you to be ready at the course’s conclusion to confidently tackle any project with a workflow you can use to bring additional value to your clients and their users.

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Course Table of contents
What will you learn?

8 sections • 37 lectures • 4 hours 8 mins

  • Intro
    3 lectures 08:22 Mins
    • What you will learn in my course
      01:15 Mins
    • What is product thinking?
      03:26 Mins
    • The process of product thinking
      03:41 Mins
  • What to start with?
    7 lectures 35:57 Mins
    • Intro
      01:17 Mins
    • Why there is no “right” or “wrong” way to work on a project
      02:10 Mins
    • Ways to win a project and how to present yourself
      07:15 Mins
    • Why building relationships with clients is important
      04:14 Mins
    • What questions to ask your client or find answers at the beginning of your project?
      08:45 Mins
    • 5W: Why? Who? When? Where? What?
      09:14 Mins
    • 5 W exercise
      03:02 Mins
  • Research
    6 lectures 34:51 Mins
    • Intro
      01:23 Mins
    • Personas vs Proto Personas vs JTBD
      10:21 Mins
    • Competitors analysis. How and where can you find useful insights?
      05:16 Mins
    • User Interviews
      05:20 Mins
    • Analyze and choose hypnotize
      06:10 Mins
    • How to measure success?
      06:21 Mins
  • User flow
    5 lectures 28:27 Mins
    • Intro
      00:59 Mins
    • User Flow vs Customer Journey Map vs Server Blueprint
      07:04 Mins
    • How you can adjust a User Flow according to your goals
      04:49 Mins
    • My exclusive framework on how to build a User Flow
      10:02 Mins
    • User Flow exercise
      05:33 Mins
  • Wireframes and UI
    4 lectures 41:04 Mins
    • Intro
      00:45 Mins
    • When you need wireframes and when you can skip this phase
      03:08 Mins
    • UI Phase and Design Checklist
      29:20 Mins
    • Accessibility Principles
      07:51 Mins
  • Present your design
    5 lectures 41:41 Mins
    • Intro
      00:51 Mins
    • How to be sure that your design will be approved
      02:53 Mins
    • Why prototypes and animation are important for presentation
      03:41 Mins
    • Creating a quick animated prototype in Figma
      24:08 Mins
    • Present your design
      10:08 Mins
  • Don’t forget about testing
    5 lectures 38:15 Mins
    • Intro
      01:34 Mins
    • Usability testing - why it is important
      03:10 Mins
    • How to set up remote user testing
      08:26 Mins
    • Working with test results
      19:52 Mins
    • 5 second test
      05:13 Mins
  • Closing remarks
    2 lectures 19:58 Mins
    • Closing remarks
      01:37 Mins
    • List of useful materials and tools
      18:20 Mins
Olha Uzhykova
Work Work Work 
Work Work Work 

Olga is one of the smartest designers I have ever worked with. One of her outstanding skills as a designer is that she is a great listener. She will take client requirements and expertly solve complex problems. She can take her vast design experience and combine it with technology to come up with fantastic designs on point, and on time. Her many award winning designs speak for her talent and process. I highly recommend taking her course since your investment is miniscule compared to the knowledge and insight you will gain.
Edwin Moossaian
Edwin Moossaian President, Adaptive Tech Solutions
Course details

Building Better User Experiences with a Product Thinking Approach

Building Better User Experiences with a Product Thinking Approach

By Olha Uzhykova

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  • Full time access
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About the Speaker
Learn from the best
  • Olha Uzhykova

    Olha Uzhykova

    Co-Founder and Design Director at Netrix


    Olha is a Design Director at Netrix - an award-winning design agency based in Ukraine. She believes that good design is a design that helps to achieve goals taking into account users, business, and technology. She thinks that flexibility is power and always finds the best approach for each project because each one is unique.

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