Jun 7, 2016

A Bear's-Eye View of Yellowstone by Hello Monday Wins SOTM for May

A Bear's-Eye View of Yellowstone by Hello Monday Wins SOTM for May

May’s SOTM is a wild one! Hello Monday share with us the content behind their winning project with National Geographic A Bear's-Eye View of Yellowstone. Thanks for all your votes and tweets - check the names at the end of the article to see if you've won 1 of 5 WLOKs nature bundles.

We all have brands that we aspire to work with — and when they come knocking, you just hope they don't have the wrong (email) address.

For us, National Geographic is one of those aspirational clients that had a project better than any we could have expected. Their belief that science, exploration and storytelling has the power to change the world speaks to our own passions and commitment to do good for our world. Not to mention, bears! Man's best friend — from a distance.

Nat Geo Bear Eye View Yellowstone

The bear cam footage captured from the POV of bears provided researchers with incredibly valuable information about the adaptability of the park’s bear population to a changing landscape and climate.

For the casual viewer online, however, these videos were further elevated by incorporating relevant storytelling from researchers Kerry Gunther and Nate Bowers, and the contributions from the forces that make National Geographic so special – its journalists, editors, producers, photographers, and map makers.

With the bears project, we just wanted to do justice to National Geographic, this incredible content, and most importantly — to bears!

Nat Geo Bear Eye View Yellowstone


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