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25 Faces in Websites

Article by Awwwards in Web Design -
The human face is a commonly used element in web design. As humans, the face is an appealing form to us. Eyes and mouths express certain moods and could make a website more inviting. Many websites choose to have a big face as the main element in their homepages. An attractive face can be used as a call to action or draw attention to certain areas of a website. Many designers choose to put their own faces in their websites. It's a nice way to present themselves: "Hey, this is me, the guy who's making all this stuff" Showing your face proves you are open, you have nothing to hide and you are proud of the work you are showing. In this post we showcase 25 examples of websites with big faces.
  • In2 Headphones

    In2 Headphones

  • Michael Wong

    Michael Wong

  • Griff in a Box

    Griff in a Box

  • Digital Hands

    Digital Hands

  • Tatchies


  • Gavin Castleton

    Gavin Castleton

  • Francesco Mugnai

    Francesco Mugnai

  • Warb


  • Liliana Troiano

    Liliana Troiano

  • Shaun Inman // Compact

    Shaun Inman // Compact

  • Adham Dannaway

    Adham Dannaway

  • Monoface


  • Portfolio de Crille Lampa

    Portfolio de Crille Lampa

  • The Fashion Photography Exposed DVD

    The Fashion Photography Exposed DVD

  • David Hellmann

    David Hellmann

  • Deidre


  • Yurbuds


  • Nicolas Will

    Nicolas Will

  • Facundo Almeyra

    Facundo Almeyra

  • Jenny and Grayden

    Jenny and Grayden

  • Harry Ford

    Harry Ford

  • 500 WATT

    500 WATT

  • Alastaire Allday. Freelance Copywritter, London, UK

    Alastaire Allday. Freelance Copywritter, London, UK

  • Jorge Riera

    Jorge Riera

  • Brian Wilson MLB Always Epic

    Brian Wilson MLB Always Epic