Mar 12, 2014

20 Creative Solutions for Fashion Websites

20 Creative Solutions for Fashion Websites

 You don't need to be a follower of fashion to appreciate the staggering creativity of the fashion industry. We're think you'll agree that it's worthwhile taking a look at the interactive solutions being implemented by the big names in fashion.

What are the most important characteristics of a Fashion website?

Without a shadow of a doubt, photography and video are the main focus of the majority of fashion websites these days; they look great and they showcase the product to perfection. Other sites apply bleeding edge techniques to the architecture and navigation of their pages; trendsetting transcending into inspirational technology.
Designers' websites evolve faster than the seasons pass; microsites and pop-up pages for specific campaigns are de rigeur. The content is fundamentally visual and therefore open to experimentation, not so dependent on SEO, and usually supported by multi-platform publicity.

What creative solutions do the fashion brands of today apply to their websites?

Let's take a look at our showcase of 20 of the most recent and inspirational fashion websites and the techniques they apply to their website design.

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