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20 Creative Solutions for Fashion Websites

Article by Awwwards in Web Design -

 You don't need to be a follower of fashion to appreciate the staggering creativity of the fashion industry. We're think you'll agree that it's worthwhile taking a look at the interactive solutions being implemented by the big names in fashion.

What are the most important characteristics of a Fashion website?

Without a shadow of a doubt, photography and video are the main focus of the majority of fashion websites these days; they look great and they showcase the product to perfection. Other sites apply bleeding edge techniques to the architecture and navigation of their pages; trendsetting transcending into inspirational technology.
Designers' websites evolve faster than the seasons pass; microsites and pop-up pages for specific campaigns are de rigeur. The content is fundamentally visual and therefore open to experimentation, not so dependent on SEO, and usually supported by multi-platform publicity.

What creative solutions do the fashion brands of today apply to their websites?

Let's take a look at our showcase of 20 of the most recent and inspirational fashion websites and the techniques they apply to their website design.

The selection

  • SONIA BY - PreSpring 2014

    SONIA BY - PreSpring 2014

    The site, developed for the Spring collection by SONIA, immediately captures our attention thanks to the flawless synchronization with the soundtrack. The color scheme is breathtaking. The site has been developed over a fluid layout with an interface which, despite not being very intuitive, allows us to browse the lookbook with ease. The interactive experience is top drawer, and just what we have come to expect by the 84.Paris team.

  • Lacoste Polo

    Lacoste Polo

    This Lacoste microsite pays homage to the history of the iconic Polo Shirt with a simplistic interface allowing the user to travel through time. The website also offers a selection of games which use the API and Web GL. The mobile version is completely independent and restricts some content which is not supported on mobile browsers.

  • White Heat - Andy Wolf Eyewear

    White Heat - Andy Wolf Eyewear

    This simple site uses stunning images as it's principle resource for the presentation of the glasses collection by Andy Wolf.

  • Geox Amphibiox: 7 days of rain

    Geox Amphibiox: 7 days of rain

    Geox Amphibiox is an interesting example of viral marketing. The website displays all the content from the video campaign, but integrates it seamlessly with the layout of the products.

  • SONIA BY - PE14

    SONIA BY - PE14

    In line with the previous site by Sonia, we are carried away by a sea of high quality images played out to a catchy soundtrack. This site is also constructed with a fluid layout in which both images from the collection and news items are presented in a dynamic grid.

  • Adidas Originals Tumblr blog

    Adidas Originals Tumblr blog

    A responsive project for the Adidas Originals Tumblr using Tumblr's API to tell stories in an innovative way.

  • G-Star RAW by Cartelle

    G-Star RAW by Cartelle

    G-Star RAW is an interesting project; both creative and also expertly animated. You can find a case study on this project in our latest book.

  • Carolina Herrera

    Carolina Herrera

    Carolina Herrera official website. Discover the different Carolina Herrera's universes such as CHNY, CH, 212 and The House.

  • Soulland Webshop

    Soulland Webshop

    The new soulland.com is an ambitious take on a webshop that combines experiences and sale – two ingredients that rarely go hand in hand, and that few have succeeded in balancing.

  • Solasié, rugby and travel wear!

    Solasié, rugby and travel wear!

    An attractive project for the rugby-oriented fashion brand, featuring a lookbook of the images of the collection in in a slideshow format.

  • Lubiam | Luigi Bianchi Mantova

    Lubiam | Luigi Bianchi Mantova

    An interesting responsive project from Aquest; the heavy visual content, as is the norm with fashion sites, doesn't hold back performance on mobile devices.

  • Hotelstyle


    A great project based on a video by AQuest.

  • MenuVISIT SITE DSTLD Jeans Preview

    MenuVISIT SITE DSTLD Jeans Preview

    A dynamic, interactive experience of the new DSTLD jeans collection.

  • Andrè Maurice

    Andrè Maurice

    Here we have an example of responsive web design focussed on visual content: collection galleries and lookbooks. The information is mainly distributed in grid-format. Responsive is well-implemented in three breakpoints. Mobile navigation is intuitive despite the heavy graphic content which doesn't affect performance.

  • Starworks Artists

    Starworks Artists

  • Banana Cafe

    Banana Cafe

    An irregular, experimental, fluid grid layout with video background, CSS 3D effects, and an awesome color scheme. Music and color are the stand-out features of this site.

  • Le Col de Claudine

    Le Col de Claudine

    Here we see a deconstructed grid with a parallax effect fusing images with gigantic typefaces.

  • Diesel Intimate Collection

    Diesel Intimate Collection

    The Diesel site for their Intimate Collection is a classic portfolio with a special touch in the form of cursor-activated animation. The image sequences allow us to see the models strike a variety of poses.

  • Melanie F

    Melanie F

    A simple and efficient website with background video.

  • Diesel Time Travel

    Diesel Time Travel

  • Lois SS 2014 Campaign

    Lois SS 2014 Campaign