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10 Cloud-Based UX Design Tools to try in 2013

Article by Awwwards in Resources & Tools -

We have selected 7 tools for UX designers that can help in the process of creating mood boards, concepts and interactive wireframes and prototypes. These tools have been selected for the usability of their designs and ease of learning.

These tools are Cloud-Based so you can collaborate with your team and send customers an online version of the design. Some of them allow you to set a usability test that can help to improve the user experience on your projects.

Most of them are based on responsive patterns so it’s easy to test the result on any device. If you’ve never used this kind of tool, it’s time to try. You’ll almost definitely end up making them part of your workflow.

  • Invision


    Invision can transform your designs into high-fidelity prototypes for web and mobile. It's integrated with Photoshop, Fireworks and illustrator. You can upload images and use hotspots to create interactions like a real app. Send the mobile or desktop links to your stakeholders and get feedback from them.

  • Notism


    Notism is a collaborative tool that lets you share designs and obtain efficient feedback on visual projects from co-workers and customers, create interactive prototypes, add notes to discuss the projects with editors and reviewers and is a great Task management tool.

  • Solidify


    Solidify is a complete tool that lets you create clickable prototypes specially oriented for user testing. You can test interfaces at any phase of development. It's possible to create responsive prototypes and connect with testers around the world. The tool gives you reports on highly valuable data about user behavior, such as where users click and other usability reports. You can try the app for 30 days. Monthly cost $19.

  • Moqups


    Moqups is a sketch-style HTML5 App for creating wireframes, mockups, UI concepts and interactive prototypes. From $9/month

  • QuirckTools


    QuirckTools helps you to collaborate with clients and coworkers. From helping you share your creative compositions, to building prototypes right in your web browser, we’ve got you covered.

  • UxPin


    UxPin is a UX design App that creates responsive interactive wireframes and prototypes. The user has a Tool Kit with common design elements and a library of custom UI elements. UxPin has a control version and lets users share projects with stakeholders and customers.

  • Proto.io


    With proto.io you can create high-fidelity prototypes that work exactly like your real app would. Select devices and add components to create your interface. Proto.io was specifically created for mobile, so it can emulate screen transitions, orientation changes or touch gestures.

  • POP Prototyping on paper

    POP Prototyping on paper

    POP is a mobile app for Android and iOS that lets you import your sketches by taking a picture. POP automatically adjusts brightness and contrast to make sure your sketches are legible and clear. Create wireframes on your favorite notebook.

  • HotGloo


    HotGloo helps you from low- to high-fidelity, from wireframes to prototypes - with HotGloo you can finally achieve great concepts in a fast, simple and beautiful way. Mock up an idea, gather feedback, review and improve over time.

  • Wireframe.cc


    Wireframe.cc has a super-minimal interface that give you an easy way to create elements. You can change the color of wireframes and create clear layouts to share.