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Webdeveloper since 2004 (AS3 / HTML-CSS / ...) CTO since 2010 UX/UI lover since always

  • Agence Digitale Créative

    Isabelle Paillard FRANCE
    7 8 6 7
  • Barron Law Corporation is a law firm in Sacramento California with multiple practice areas. The design helps users easily locate the section of the website that relates to their needs.

    Custom Legal Marketing, an Adviatech Company U.S.A.
    4 6 4 5
  • We materialize ideas into digital work with pixel perfect detail. From strategy to back end development we assist brands with solutions to improve their image. Tip: Hoover About photos!

    Scytale PORTUGAL
    7 8 6 7
  • "Just A Reflektor" is an interactive film directed by Vincent Morisset featuring a new song from Montreal-based rock band Arcade Fire. The film is designed to play on your computer's web browser while you cast a "virtual projection" on the screen using your mobile device. This is accomplished by holding up your mobile device in front of your computer’s webcam, which recognizes a code on the device's screen and is able to determine the device's position in real space.

    AATOAA, Google Creative Lab, UNIT9 U.S.A.
    7 6 10 8
  • Imagine a product site that is meant to inspire you. A site that showcases and celebrates creativity from all over the world. And rewards loyalty to the brand. A site that helps you find a product that best matches your needs. And knows how to nudge you in the right direction. Imagine.

    Fi U.S.A.
    9 10 9 10
  • This site was designed to promote Omaha's annual Barcamp "unconference." It sports responsive mobile design, SVGs, CSS3 animation, and some sweet monster illustrations.

    Grain & Mortar U.S.A.
    7 8 8 7
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