The awards for design, creativity and innovation on the Internet

  • Simon Daufresne

    Simon Daufresne FRANCE - Paris

    I'm a French Art director based in Paris, specializing in websites for 12 years. I've worked at 5emegauche, a digital agency, since 2006. I love Calvados!

  • Brice Martinez

    Brice Martinez FRANCE - Montpellier

    From south of France, I am a Digital Designer, founder of Le Graphoir.

  • David Basso

    David Basso FRANCE - Paris

    David is Associate Director at UZIK, an interactive communication agency (clients : Musée du Louvre, LVMH, Chanel, Orange...). He leads Production, Creation and UX design. He also teaches Interactive Design in several schools in Paris (Gobelins, INA...). His personal photography works are published on Capturee, his «Photo Song Blog»

  • JB Grasset

    JB Grasset FRANCE - Paris

    Jb Grasset, co-founder and creative director of ultranoir. A self-taught web designer, I have worked in the Internet industry for 15 years. I started out, aged 13, using pixel art on my Amiga, and that demoscene spirit will always be in my mind. Passion & instinct.

  • Romain Colin

    Romain Colin FRANCE - Paris

    Romain Colin is the founder of the website Fubiz.

  • Marcus Fuchs

    Marcus Fuchs DENMARK - Copenhagen

    I'm an Art Director at Hello Monday. I have the opportunity to create amazing things with some of the nicest and most skilled people in our industry.

  • Marcus Stenbeck

    Marcus Stenbeck SPAIN - Madrid

    I'm a Swedish technical director living in Spain, devoted to the web world since longer than I care to remember. Love all things design and getting completely submerged in code in order to crack the nut of some tricky issue. Crazy about one-liners, and considered by many to be pretty brutal when it comes to remembering them. Consider myself to be the best office drummer in history, and a firm believer that David Bowie absolutely rocks. Co-founder of design studio binalogue. Binary, analogue: binalogue - get it?

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