Weekend Roundup #1

Every Friday we'll round up the freshest tweets of the week

  • JUNE 21
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Today we bring you the first in a new series on the Awwwards blog. Every Friday we'll round up the freshest news of the week. The selection will be taken from the stuff we've Tweeted over the week that you guys have clicked, retweeted, shared, passed on...in other words, the stuff you think is most interesting. We'll put it all in one place so you don't miss out on any important Tweets that may have got lost in your feed.

A quality selection of articles to read at your leisure over the weekend, which we hope you will find useful.

  • Responsive Typography: The Basics

    via IA blog

    When we build websites we usually start by defining the body text. The body text definition dictates how wide your main column is, the rest usually follow almost by itself.

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  • Designing for Breakpoints

    via A List Apart

    Jeremy Keith notes that what happens between the breakpoints is just as important as the breakpoints themselves—perhaps even more so

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  • Why We Need Responsive Images

    via Tim Kadlec's blog

    The topic of responsive images has been one of the most hotly debated topics amongst web developers for what feels like forever.

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  • Hiring People to Work With You

    via TreeHouse Blog

    Working long hours? Too many projects piling up? Consider hiring someone! In this Treehouse Quick Tip, Headscape co-founder Paul Boag explains who, when, and how to hire someone to work with you.

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  • Stunning Mobile Visualization with CSS Filters at Google I/O

    via Web Platform

    At Google I/O this year, I teamed up with Alex Danilo from the Google Chrome team to give a talk on the future of CSS visualizations and how we envision using them in the next generation of digital reading experiences.

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  • Understanding 3D Transforms

    via Dev Opera

    In this article we'll dig in to 3D transforms in detail, looking at the fundamental differences between 3D and 2D transforms, the 3D transforms available, and some demos that show how these work.

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  • Meet dpi.lv: More than you probably wanted to know about screen DPI

    via Lea Verou's blog

    I decided to code an app!And out of the infinite set of possible apps somebody can make, I decided to make an app to calculate screen DPI/PPI.

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  • The JavaScript Behind Touch-Friendly Sliders

    by Kevin Foley, via CSS Tricks

    When creating a swipeable gallery there are two techniques — that I know of — you can choose from. You can animate the scroll position, or move the element using translate. There are pros and cons to each.

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  • Optical Flow Effects

    via Chrome Experiments

    An experiment using WebRTCs getUserMedia feature to access the users webcam and perform some effects using optical flow.

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