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Web Design trends: 17 excellent and creative vector websites

  • March 24
  • By awwwards-team
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We really love illustrated elements in web design, especially those that use vector objects. Drawing landscapes, a grassy footer and a beatiful sky, is getting day by day more common. Here we present a nice collection of  17 sites that demonstrated excellent use of vector illustration. Freehand, Illustrator or Fireworks are the tools we prefer, illustrators are web designers too! Share your web designs on the internet with uk webhosting services to fit all of your needs.

  • yaronschoen


  • GOOD


  • deanoakley


  • aditshukla


  • Volll


  • divvoted


  • radium labs

    radium labs

  • arbel designs

    arbel designs

  • Paravelinc


  • made by tim

    made by tim

  • digitalpodge


  • fail-ure


  • Nosotros


  • Carsonified


  • Owltastic


  • Helveticons


  • the great bearded reef

    the great bearded reef

  • brushes romantic disasters

    brushes romantic disasters

  • doodled trees ps brushes

    doodled trees ps brushes

  • Ribbon Revolution Brushes

    Ribbon Revolution Brushes

  • Eyelash Brushes

    Eyelash Brushes

  • Darius Brushes

    Darius Brushes

  • Water Color

    Water Color

  • The Church of London

    The Church of London

  • Step 2 Reality

    Step 2 Reality

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By Awwwards Team

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