• Good Morning

    Good Morning

    good-morning.no NORWAY - Oslo

    Good Morning is an award-winning independent digital production company based in Norway and Sweden.

  • Try/apt


    apt.no NORWAY

    Norways leading interactive agency.

  • Unfold


    unfold.no NORWAY - Oslo

    Unfold is an independent digital agency established in Oslo by 6 partners with extensive industry experience

  • Værsågod


    vaersaagod.no NORWAY

    We are a tiny Norwegian web development company. We love working with details.

  • Havnevik AS

    Havnevik AS

    havnevik.no NORWAY - Aalesund

    Havnevik AS has not yet updated their profile



    snoop.no NORWAY

    SNOOP MEDIA has not yet updated their profile

  • snorrem


    snorrem.com NORWAY - Oslo

    snorrem has not yet updated their profile

  • good_jw



    Creative director/Senior Designer /Art director

  • Mustasj Designlab

    Mustasj Designlab

    mustasj.no NORWAY - Trondheim

    Mustasj hjelper deg med barten!

  • Hyper


    hyper.no NORWAY - Oslo

    Hyper is a digital communication agency based in Oslo, Norway // Estbl year 2000 // 40 employees //

  • Trigger


    trigger.no NORWAY - Oslo

    Trigger has not yet updated their profile

  • Rolf A. Jensen

    Rolf A. Jensen

    portfolio.works NORWAY - Oslo

    Rolf A. Jensen is an international award-winning Norwegian Art Director and co-founder of Good Morning Interactive. In a career spanning over 8 years, I've had the chance to direct and design some innovative design work, including for The Weinstein Company, NBC Universal, Paramount Pictures, DreamWorks, Electronic Arts, Warner Bros, Ford, Sony, Lionsgate, Toyota, Summit Entertainment and Activision. Recently I founded Good Evening, an independent creative production studio based in Oslo, Norway. After leaving school at the age of 16, I quickly discovered my talents within arts and design. Working as a designer in Oslo for 3 years built my reputation and portfolio to pursue clients and job offers across borders. Moving to London at the age of 20 gave me the chance to work within the graphic design industry for brands such as PlayStation and The Weinstein Company. After a short year working out of Earls Court I felt like trying myself in the deep waters of the American market, so I picked up on my freelance connections and moved to New York working as a interactive senior designer for brands such as Sony, Ford and IBM. After doing a lot of rather corporate design work for over two years I wanted to change environment towards the entertainment industry and being only a short five hours flight away from Hollywood, the choice became natural. In 2009 I moved to Los Angeles where I focused on creating campaigns and designs for feature Hollywood films such as SAW IV, Fair Game, Inglorious Basterds and The Help.

  • Donald Keith

    Donald Keith


    Social media junkie. Extreme bacon geek. Problem solver. Twitter maven. Alcohol buff. Entrepreneur.

  • andreaswinther


    tibe-t.no NORWAY

    Art Director / Webdesigner at Tibe T

  • Scandinavian Design Group

    Scandinavian Design Group

    sdg.no NORWAY

    One of Scandinavia’s largest design agencies, expertise in corporate identity and branding, packaging, digital and innovation.

  • Mekom


    mekom.no NORWAY - Oslo

    Mekom has not yet updated their profile

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