• Deux Huit Huit

    Deux Huit Huit

    deuxhuithuit.com/en CANADA - Montreal, QB

    DeuxHuitHuit is a Montreal based interactive & graphic design firm. DeuxHuitHuit est une firme de design graphique & interactif de Montréal.

  • Jean-Maxime Brais

    Jean-Maxime Brais

    8bisbranding.com CANADA - Montreal

    Jean-Maxime Brais, creative director of 8 Bis Branding, has taken part in the conversation between brands and their worldwide customers for nearly 15 years.

  • Teehan Lax

    Teehan Lax

    teehanlax.com CANADA - Toronto

    We define and design customer experiences in the digital channel

  • Akufen


    akufen.ca CANADA - Montreal

    Studio de design et d'expériences interactives. Design and interactive experience studio.

  • Pound & Grain

    Pound & Grain

    poundandgrain.com CANADA - Vancouver

    Hello. We are Pound & Grain! We're a creative digital agency in Vancouver. And this is our Twitter feed. Pretty epic, huh?

  • Studio 7 Designs Inc

    Studio 7 Designs Inc

    studio7designs.com CANADA - West Coast Victoria, BC

    We’re a forward thinking design company specializing in creating strong branding for social and environmentally-conscious companies.

  • courtney.chio



    courtney.chio has not yet updated their profile

  • Alex Leduc

    Alex Leduc

    deuxhuithuit.com CANADA - La Belle Province

    Design, work, life, punk rock ... and hockey! Entrepreneur from La Belle Province, Québec, Canada. I like simple design and smart interactivity.

  • Ahmad Ktaech

    Ahmad Ktaech

    kandco.ca CANADA - Toronto

    Managing director of a boutique branding and marketing firm in Toronto - K & Co. Founder of The Design Senate. Leading all creative, design and communications strategies on behalf of the firm's clients.

  • Chad Mueller

    Chad Mueller

    projekt19.com CANADA - Ontario

    Freelance Web Designer, Creator of Inspiredology, Projekt19 & ThemeFolder, Community Manager of BestWebGallery.com & DesignBombs.

  • Stuart Thursby

    Stuart Thursby

    sthursby.com CANADA - Toronto

    Art Director at Proximity Canada

  • Mike Hansen

    Mike Hansen

    Art Director at Moose Syrup Agency.

  • Ashish Thakkar

    Ashish Thakkar

    aythakkar.com CANADA - Ontario

    I’m interested in all areas of design, and I’m mostly self taught. I particularly like Graphic Design, Web Design, and UI Design. Web/Graphic & UI Designer

  • Hasan Syed

    Hasan Syed

    hasansyed.com CANADA - Toronto

    Web designer. WordPress developer. Minimalist. Typography obsessed.

  • Jean-Maxime Brais

    Jean-Maxime Brais

    8bisbranding.com CANADA - Montreal

    8 Bis is a brand consulting company. We help brands creates and maintains a constant and consistent dialogue with their clients. Your brand deserves it.

  • Angus Gastle

    Angus Gastle

    angusgastle.com CANADA - Edmonton, AB

    Husband. Advertiser. Builds websites for fun. Works at RED The Agency. Plotting to taking over the world. Procrastinator.

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