The awards for design, creativity and innovation on the Internet

Tim Beaufoy

Tim Beaufoy


Director, producer, all around filmmaker, with a passion for writing, design & travel. Founder of the inspirational hub PageCrush.

  • Awwwards Team

    Awwwards Team U.S.A. - New York

    The awards for design, creativity and innovation on the Internet, which recognize and promote the best web designers in the world

  • Push.

    Push. U.S.A. - Orlando, FL

    Push is a strategic and creative advertising, branding and digital agency.

  • Bluecadet

    Bluecadet U.S.A. - Philadelphia, PE

    Bluecadet specializes in multimedia experiences that excite, engage and inspire. We build dynamic websites, installations and mobile applications for museums, universities, nonprofits, and corporations.

  • Mike Kus

    Mike Kus UNITED KINGDOM - Chichester

    UK based Graphic/Web Designer & Illustrator and my favourite iPhone app is Instagram.

  • Studio 7 Designs Inc

    Studio 7 Designs Inc CANADA - West Coast Victoria, BC

    We’re a forward thinking design company specializing in creating strong branding for social and environmentally-conscious companies.

  • Ness Higson

    Ness Higson U.S.A. - New Orleans

    Nessim has been in the creative industry for 12 years. He has run IAAH / iamalwayshungry for the last 6 years. Based in the city that care forgot, New Orleans, the studio works on a wide range of projects nationally and internationally.

  • Sylvain Tran

    Sylvain Tran

    Hello! I am a passionate interactive and backend developer. I love what I do.

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