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Teresa Del Prete

Teresa Del Prete

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  • For the latest Jean-Pierre Jeunet movie we designed a full html website paying special attention to display any aspects of the movie in a rich interactive timeline format.

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  • For the film collective What Matters Most, we created a site that emphasizes the evocative, emotional power of their work. Each film is given its own space that utilizes imagery and title cards from the piece to evoke the mood and texture of the film. Each film’s page is divided into three interactive quadrants or zones that reveal different images in slow, cinematic crossfades when the user engages them. This subtle interaction allows the images to react to the user’s rhythms and to feel more like the unfolding of a film than a traditional slideshow.The information and credits about the work are revealed when the user interacts with the title cards, enhancing the filmic, narrative experience of the site and creating a cinematic tone through all the interactions.

    Osk Studio U.S.A.
    9 9 8 9
  • Landing page for an event in Aveiro, Portugal

    Miguel F. PORTUGAL
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  • 84-year-old Manchester artist and knitter Jim Giles is aiming to create a giant 400 metre scarf to wrap up his home in time for winter.

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  • Mindworks created a new microsite showcasing the agency's showreel and latest projects. Its one page scroll site, using parallax and background video.

    Mindworks GREECE
    10 9 9 9
  • Step into the curious 3D world of Fox & Crow, an interactive agency in San Francisco' Barbary Coast. The site's environment changes depending on whether one visits during the day or at night. It features an animated drawing game that can be shared via social media. Hundreds of 3D models were created, staged, and animated to produce a unique and unforgettable experience.

    Fox & Crow U.S.A.
    9 6 9 8
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