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Tatiana Fenchurch

Tatiana Fenchurch

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  • In this 3-D real time WebGL site, we bring you a closer look at the highly anticipated Fox Searchlight film, Birdman. The story follows the tale of Riggan (Michael Keaton), once an iconic superhero, struggling to reclaim his past glory. By combining audio and visuals, we allow the users to think and act like Birdman while gaining access to never before seen content. The site features a motion-centric bevy of impactful quotes on a background of GIF-form clips, all taken directly from the film and shareable on various social media sites. Through meaningful copy and carefully selected visuals, we are able to give the user an experiential peek inside the mind of a man desperate to matter.

    Watson/DG U.S.A.
    9 8 10 9
  • J.J. Abrams' sci-fi police drama "Almost Human" pits man and machine together in a war on crime, drawing the viewer into a future where humans and androids stand side by side. Watson/DG created an in-world field manual familiarizing new police cadets with their android partners.

    Watson/DG U.S.A.
    10 9 10 10
  • The Create-A-Monster app prioritizes the user experience with HTML5 multi-platform performance, providing an entertaining and visually dynamic window into the world of Monsters University.

    Watson/DG U.S.A.
    10 10 9 10