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Steven Cricks

Steven Cricks


Incurable internet expert. Web advocate. General music fanatic. Infuriatingly humble alcohol junkie. Tv practitioner.

  • This website built on WordPress includes a time-lapse with images from Paris on the homepage background. It's fully AJAXified and 100% responsive.

    RaDiance Conseil FRANCE
    10 10 9 8
  • Il Film Festival della Lessinia è, in Italia, l’unico concorso cinematografico internazionale esclusivamente dedicato a cortomegraggi, documentari, lungometraggi e film di animazione sulla vita, la storia e le tradizioni in montagna. Nato nel 1995, su iniziativa dell’associazione Cimbri della Lessinia, come rassegna videografica dedicata alle montagne veronesi, il Film Festival ha via via allargato il suo interesse alle montagne di tutto il mondo, escludendo per regolamento le opere dedicate allo sport e all’alpinismo.

    013 ITALY
    8 6 4 4
  • The website presents how little water is available, and what a big impact a little effort can have.

    Idiom Interactive U.S.A.
    5 6 8 5
  • Here's a new responsive and flat website I've done with my teammate Vincent Tantardini. We hope to show you more fun projects in the future ! ;)

    Antonin Nhek FRANCE
    5 9 8 8
  • Ahlvar is created by Swedish designer Frida Ahlvarsson whose passion for creating is manifested in feminine blouses in 100% silk combining sensual simplicity with an edgy touch. After ten years as a designer working for other brands Frida created Ahlvar to fill a gap that exists in many women's wardrobes.

    NY reklambyrå SWEDEN
    9 3 3 9
  • The Blue Cube are a web design company based in Birmingham UK. They specialise in high end web design and development, with an in-house marketing and PR team

    Phill Burrows UNITED KINGDOM
    4 8 7 5
1 2 3 4 5