Sexy Geek Tattoos

Sexy & geek can be possible

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The iTattoo has not been realized yet but TCAInspired has already found some apple logos on few sexy bodies. And what about Pacman running close to the boobies? No, is not the latest 3d VideoGame, is just part of our sexy geek tattos.

  • Mac Tatto - Please turn off me!!

  • Pin Ball Tatto

  • Text in Tatto: “umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu”

  • Level bar Tatto

  • Tetris Tatto

  • Quake Tatoo

  • Hello Kitty Star Wars

  • Game tatoo inspired

  • Quotation Marks Tatto

  • Retro Game Tatto

  • Trecky Lenged Tatto

  • Mac Tatto

  • Retro Mac Tatto

  • Manga Tatto

  • Power Game Tatto

  • Nintendo Controller Tatto

  • Super Mario Tatto

  • Do you want to make me a combo?

  • Nikon S60

  • One Life

  • Queer

  • Stockholms Hundforum (Wanking Dog)

  • TMF: Army

  • Squirrel Fiat Panda 4x4

  • Flashlight Maglite


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