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Samir Belhsen

Samir Belhsen


Passionate creative loves all things digital & UX.

  • Bonsound is a music company based in Montreal, Canada.

    Deux Huit Huit CANADA
    7 4 8 7
  • WWF- 40 ans d’engagement au service de la Planète

    WWF-France FRANCE
    7 7 8 8
  • The Nick App is a branded experience that allows kids to watch and play Nick in unprecedented ways. This free App features a moveable tile layout that can be swiped in any direction, promoting discovery and exploration and offering kids instant and on-demand access to more than 1,000 pieces of Nickelodeon-themed content.

    Fi U.S.A.
    7 8 8 8
  • Step into the curious 3D world of Fox & Crow, an interactive agency in San Francisco' Barbary Coast. The site's environment changes depending on whether one visits during the day or at night. It features an animated drawing game that can be shared via social media. Hundreds of 3D models were created, staged, and animated to produce a unique and unforgettable experience.

    Fox & Crow U.S.A.
    7 7 6 8
  • At Fi, we look at industry verticals such as travel through the lens of progressive disruption. So we asked ourselves, what is the future of the airline website?

    Fi U.S.A.
    8 9 9 9
  • Imagine a product site that is meant to inspire you. A site that showcases and celebrates creativity from all over the world. And rewards loyalty to the brand. A site that helps you find a product that best matches your needs. And knows how to nudge you in the right direction. Imagine.

    Fi U.S.A.
    10 10 10 10
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