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Sake Tijmersma

Sake Tijmersma


I'm Sake Tijmersma UI designer for iPhone iPad and the web.

  • Commissioned by legendary agency KesselsKramer Build in Amsterdam created a fully responsive campaign website to explain the story behind the rebranding of telco-company Tele2.

    Build in Amsterdam NETHERLANDS
    7 6 8 7
  • Build in Amsterdam created a fully responsive brand and e-commerce platform that bridged the gap between branding and web shop experience.

    Build in Amsterdam NETHERLANDS
    8 5 7 9
  • J.J. Abrams' sci-fi police drama "Almost Human" pits man and machine together in a war on crime, drawing the viewer into a future where humans and androids stand side by side. Watson/DG created an in-world field manual familiarizing new police cadets with their android partners.

    Watson/DG U.S.A.
    8 4 8 7
  • BARE is an inspired company with a vision to create authentic, functional, artistic pieces with global utility. BARE brings into existence uniquely individual items, made with a combination of up-cycled and high quality materials, producing one of a kind designs that last a lifetime. Just like the customers who cherish our distinctive collections, each BARE piece contains its own story, individual nature and inherent beauty. AS UNIQUE AS YOU.

    Grason Ratowsky U.S.A.
    7 7 6 7
  • Site showcasing the design career of Bradley Haynes, a creative director and product designer currently residing in San Francisco.

    Brad U.S.A.
    7 8 6 7
  • This year Film Fest Gent celebrates it's 40th anniversary edition with a focus on American Indepent cinema, a large-scale Martin Scorsese exhibition and numerous film music events.

    Lavagraphics BELGIUM
    7 6 8 9
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