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Rob Smittenaar

Rob Smittenaar


Rob Smittenaar is a Dutch interactive designer, front-end developer & digital artist.

  • Typography meets typology in this handsome experiment that harnesses the world's handwriting. Contribute yours or delve into the data of this ever-evolving Typeface.

    MediaMonks NETHERLANDS
    9 9 10 10
  • At Elespacio we do things seriously without taking ourselves too seriously. We are a small multidisciplinary team of UX designers, designers and developers. We tend to think with our hearts and approach projects creatively. We have shops in Barcelona & Berlin.

    Elespacio SPAIN
    9 9 8 9
  • Festival website for Hollands biggest dance promotor

    Gewest13 NETHERLANDS
    9 10 9 9
  • You all shall be wild. This is what Aristotles said. Okay, we made that up. Why would Aristoteles say that? Anyway, he might have better done it because we think it is damn wise. Everyone has a right to be wild. And that is why we have founded this agency. We are four handsome dudes, trying to make awesome things happen and fight against ugliness. Now we've written enough words to make the paragraph look good. Alright, just some more so we have 4 rows. Yes, just like that. Nice.

    Wild AUSTRIA
    9 9 10 9
  • Virtual reality agency

    Viens-là FRANCE
    6 7 6 8
  • That women have the right to shoes that function as beautifully as they are fashioned. We believe the common practice of bringing two pairs of shoes to an event, one for style and one for comfort, is absurd.

    Radiator LLC U.S.A.
    9 9 8 9
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