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Renato Medeiros

Renato Medeiros


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  • Magnetic Zero – an interactive design and development studio. We embark on every project with a passion to create something elegant, enduring and effective. A team of award-winning designers, thinkers, problem solvers and technologists with a variety of complementary skills and interests. We apply expertise in software and design to websites, installations, mobile and apps.

    Magnetic Zero UNITED KINGDOM
    7 8 7 7
  • Chango is a programmatic advertising platform that connects marketers with their exact target audience in real-time across Display, Social, Mobile & Video.

    Katherine Webb CANADA
    7 7 6 6
  • BrightByte Studio is a contemporary branding and design studio based in Southampton, Hampshire. We specialise in branding, web design and digital marketing. When we undertake your project, you will benefit from direct and timely access to key decision makers at all times. We're an energetic and determined team driven by results, committed to helping your business succeed.

    BrightByte Studio UNITED KINGDOM
    8 7 6 6
  • The start of your digital universe. A practiced enterprise by students and teachers of the Thomas More University College in Mechelen, Belgium

    designosource BELGIUM
    5 6 6 5
  • Animal Planet's first-ever interactive episode, explores the history of international whaling and the fight to bring it to an end. Featuring documentary vignettes, exclusive footage from Animal Planet's Whale Wars, unique insights into the Japanese whaling industry, and animated battle maps.

    The Agency at Discovery U.S.A.
    8 5 7 8
  • This site is portfolio of Mikhail Pitertsev, which presents cases of digital-direction, art-direction & design projects. Site designed with an emphasis on the consumption of visual information.

    Pitertsev Mikhail RUSSIA
    7 6 8 7
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