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  • Workshops zu Social Recruiting, Social Media HR sowie individuell auf Sie zugeschnittene, digitale HR-Strategien.

    Hofrat Suess SWITZERLAND
    8 8 8 7
  • I tried building a very clean and minimal website where I can show off the projects that I'm working on. Eventually a lot of small animations have been added. For example, notice clicking the close button in het modal. Especially on mobile phone it gives a nice little spin. Hope you guys like what I build.

    Emiel Janson NETHERLANDS
    7 6 6 7
  • History, Tradition and Culture in each Grappa Bertagnolli bottle an aristocratic dynasty for Grappa Bertagnolli The origin of Premiata Distilleria G. Bertagnolli dates back to 1870 when the rich landowner of one of the largest wineries in the Piana Rotaliana Giulia de Kreutzenberg married Edoardo Bertagnolli, forebear of the family and heir to an established pharmaceutical business.

    F4F Creative Factory ITALY
    7 7 8 7
  • The West Coast Fishing Club is a five-star luxury resort mixed with some of the world’s best ocean fishing, all in the breath-taking remoteness of northern British Columbia’s Haida Gwaii.

    Drive Digital CANADA
    7 7 7 8
  • Introducing Suzuki Instant Drive through a new html responsive site, cleaner, easier... Geolocation allows you to get a quote or a test drive in less that 60 secs. Suzuki Experience.

    ktc agency MEXICO
    6 6 6 7
  • Dreamtrip from Rich juice is a great way to escape everyday routine and win a travel to the seaside. The site is keeping reminding people about their dreams by unique blend of sounds, visuals and atmosphere.

    Yuri Lence UKRAINE
    8 7 7 7
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