The awards for design, creativity and innovation on the Internet

  • A roadtrip story told as the user scrolls. The combination of rich footage, retouched imagery, cinema-graphs and graphic elements allowed us to put together an online experience out of the ordinary.

    Jung von Matt GERMANY
    8 7 9 9
  • Dagobert realizes the new site "" which allows to discover for free and entirely 5 original documentaries. The site gives a cinematographic scope to documentaries, which are staged as real blogbusters! Developed in HTML5, the site is full Responsive Design.

    Dagobert FRANCE
    9 10 8 10
  • A social project by the Colombian Ministry of ICT aiming to encourage and inspire the use of the internet in the country.

    plástico lab COLOMBIA
    10 10 10 10
  • When Oakley introduces a product, they don't just do it with a press release. The Airbrake MX warrants a digital experience that is just as bold as the product itself.

    Oakley Digital U.S.A.
    8 8 8 8
  • SOAP worked with Fox Home Entertainment to create this stunning HTML5 parallax scrolling site, which takes a tour behind-the-scenes of how some of Life of Pi's most amazing moments came to life.

    Soap Creative U.S.A.
    9 9 9 9
  • A smarter flight search service that has been specifically designed to inspire people in the big cities, who are looking for a last-minute, sunny getaway.

    B-Reel, Nuok U.S.A.
    8 8 8 8
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