Pictogram movie posters by Viktor Hertz

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In the next post we'll talk about the excellent work of  Viktor Hertz, a freelance photographer and design artist. Based in Uppsala, Sweden, he's obsessed with custom art movie posters, minimalist style posters with few elements: Paper background texture, customized pictograms and good use of typography.
Easy? Simple?
It seems truly beautiful and creative to us. What do you think?

  • Full Metal Jacket

    Full Metal Jacket

  • Paths of Glory

    Paths of Glory

  • Psycho


  • Spider-Man


  • Jaws Poster

    Jaws Poster

  • Leaving Las Vegas Poster

    Leaving Las Vegas Poster

  • Spartacus


  • Lolita


  • 2001: A space Odyssey Poster

    2001: A space Odyssey Poster

  • Barry Lyndon Poster

    Barry Lyndon Poster

  • The Shining

    The Shining

  • A clockwork Orange

    A clockwork Orange

  • Devil Poster

    Devil Poster

  • Fahrenheit 451 Poster

    Fahrenheit 451 Poster

  • Rosemary's Baby

    Rosemary's Baby

  • Sunshine


  • There Will be blood

    There Will be blood

  • Tron Poster

    Tron Poster

  • Up in the Air

    Up in the Air

  • Waterworld


  • Point Break Poster

    Point Break Poster

  • One flew over the cuckoo's nest

    One flew over the cuckoo's nest

  • Magnolia


  • The Road

    The Road

  • Inception


  • Thank you for Smoking Poster

    Thank you for Smoking Poster

  • Taxi Driver

    Taxi Driver

  • jackass: The Movie

    jackass: The Movie

  • Up


  • The Matrix

    The Matrix

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