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Pedro A. Bretas

Pedro A. Bretas


Creative director of Reino Studio.

  • “ It was the best of times; it was the worst of times. And this is the age of participation. ”

    Henry Lin TAIWAN
    8 8 10 8
  • Along with the new Reserved brand campaign AW13/14 we have prepared a special installment of the website. The main objective was the presentation of photo and video materials made during the session. A modern layout has been created in the spirit of minimalism. Site combines the comfort of use and efficient exposure of pictures and videos. POLAND
    7 6 8 8
  • Eden Creative is a small, passionate team that helps startups and established companies plan, design and build brands.

    Eden Creative U.S.A.
    7 7 7 8
  • Un web documentaire sur la passion d'un homme pour sa vigne, son terroir, son vin. Henri Duboscq, vinificateur et poète de Haut Marbuzet, nous invite à voyager sur ses terres de Saint-Estèphe entre exaltation, raffinement et volupté.

    Sweet Punk FRANCE
    7 6 8 9
  • E-commerce website with a big optimization (no more than 2" to load anypages) Custom display for the e-shop categorie. The shop can support more than 4000 visitors, same time, same page

    kissmyapp FRANCE
    6 7 6 6
  • We create effective and eye-catching designs. We build websites that are easy to find, easy to use, and easy to update. We design ads that work and graphics that you will love. We create identities that are unforgettable.

    James Carter AUSTRALIA
    5 7 5 6
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