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  • The Network Is Watching is a HTML5 face mapping experience that merges CCTV footage and interactivity to immerse users in the world of Channel 4’s hit show Utopia.

    10 10 10 10
  • The Hitchcock Obsession, a digital experience created as a tribute to Hitchcock and Louboutin. Find the hidden Hitchcock and unlock secret Louboutin shoes.

    Just Because We Love It FRANCE
    10 10 10 10
  • Typography meets typology in this handsome experiment that harnesses the world's handwriting. Contribute yours or delve into the data of this ever-evolving Typeface.

    MediaMonks NETHERLANDS
    9 9 10 10
  • Hello,i Am an Italian back-end and front-end developer and designer based in London, with many years experience in multimedia and interactive projects. I worked on such cool stuff for entertainment, sport, movie industry, deejays and international brands.

    Gianluca Suarato UNITED KINGDOM
    10 10 10 10
  • You all shall be wild. This is what Aristotles said. Okay, we made that up. Why would Aristoteles say that? Anyway, he might have better done it because we think it is damn wise. Everyone has a right to be wild. And that is why we have founded this agency. We are four handsome dudes, trying to make awesome things happen and fight against ugliness. Now we've written enough words to make the paragraph look good. Alright, just some more so we have 4 rows. Yes, just like that. Nice.

    Wild AUSTRIA
    10 10 10 10
  • In this groundbreaking site, The Hunger Games Exclusive debuts a first look into the upcoming Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1. The first issue of this elegant parallax site features Julianne Moore as President Snow, in never-before-seen art along with a supporting interview with Moore herself. The site is the first to offer insights from the filmmakers, and a look into the process of shooting two movies at the same time. The site continued to build buzz by debuting a fiery motion poster featuring the Mockingjay symbol. The reveal also included a page from the script along with a sweepstakes component to drive awareness. The site succeeded in making a splash as the first foray into the upcoming Hunger Games campaign.

    WatsonDG U.S.A.
    9 7 9 9
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