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Onur Can Coban

Onur Can Coban


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  • Metaphor of the effects of Alzheimer's disease on the brain, the site will disappear if it is not given memories. We used custom GLSL shaders for the particles and custom Post-Processing GLSL shaders for the effects.

    10 8 10 9
  • Tino Pohlmann, one of Germany's top photographers, invites the user to browse his collection of hundreds of his artworks, without being distracted by poor loading time.

    wysiwyg* software design GERMANY
    6 6 6 7
  • Black Media is a professional web design and graphic design company from Hong Kong.

    Black Media Group HONG KONG- MACAU
    7 5 6 6
  • Zulu - UI Researcher, UI Designer & Creative Coder

    zulu NORWAY
    9 7 9 7
  • AXARA is a brand website. With this new website Axara wanted to respect its minimalist graphics codes and modernize them with an easy navigation, lighten texts and the highlight of the beautifuls pictures. AXARA also asked for a client process unique with a discovery of the store. The parallax navigation of most part of the website is creating an easy discovery of the collection in an intuitive way which helps to developp a story around this brand and optimize the presentation of the collection for a total immersion of each product. This minimalist presentation of the brand and its collection respect all the graphics codes of the brand and allows a better visualisation of all the details thanks to larges pictures. This identity could match with all collections thanks to its sobriety and elegance. One of the specificity of this website is also the virtual visit of the store « concept store » with an ingenious scroll navigation which permits to run thought the identity of the brand.

    8 7 7 9
  • Photomap is a personal photography site design and developed by Los Angeles based designer Chris Wang

    Chris Wang U.S.A.
    9 9 9 9
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