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Olivier Mattia

Olivier Mattia

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  • The Legend Says He's Half Human, Half Synthesizer... I make Dark and Retrofuturistic music inspired by the 80's.

    Suspended Animations FRANCE
    10 9 10 8
  • Montreal-based integrated communication agency specialized in interactive strategies.

    Prospek CANADA
    10 9 10 7
  • A complimentary blog to the Grand Budapest Hotel experience site, the in-world Zubrowka Film Commission Tumblr acts as a shareable production diary.

    Watson/DG U.S.A.
    10 10 10 8
  • Six D.O.G.S is the core of the Athenian hip scene, a multidimensional space hosting the best of local and international indie, techno and experimental bands and DJs as well as cutting-edge art exhibitions and group shows. Over 1000 artists have been presented in the last 4 years. Six D.O.G.S provides space and time for Athens' scene at its most vibrant and creative. The challenge was to interconnect the existing and forever increasing data of artists, events and spaces in order to create an intuitive browsing machine throughout the history of the venue.

    Role Play GREECE
    10 9 10 10
  • Tokyo-based DJ / Producer Midori Aoyama. Since his career began, he has rocked a lot of venues such as Air, Womb, ageHa, module. He has launched his own party ‘EUREKA!’ at legendary house club Loop, and eleven from 2012.

    Stronghold JAPAN
    10 8 10 8
  • My name is Sang Han. I'm an Art Director and Designer with a passion for digital interaction. I communicate through unique concepts that deliver complelling stories.

    Sang Han U.S.A.
    10 10 10 9
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