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Olga Sbrodava

Olga Sbrodava


I'm interested in web-design & identity.

  • Arthelps is a non-profit organization. They help people from socially disadvantaged backgrounds in a special way: WITH ART. The desktop site uses a full-image responsive layout. The mobile version uses the device-orientation to switch and navigate between the information and the projects. In the landscape mode you navigate on a canvas map to discover playfully the details of the projects.

    Arthelps GERMANY
    7 4 6 7
  • Corning Glass Class presents uncommon knowledge about an extraordinary material. Scrolling through the facts the user can read and watch rich content about the many properties of glass.

    Uber Creative UNITED KINGDOM
    6 5 7 6
  • The design of the Alpiwood website enhances the qualities of the product creating a balance between emotion and function, using generous colorful images that convey the solid quality of the wood.

    Websolute ITALY
    6 5 5 6
  • Quirky, multi award winning, London based PR agency website built by new design agency Creative Borders

    Creative Borders UNITED KINGDOM
    6 4 8 6
  • CartTuning is the place where your online store will get real boost. We deliver high quality extensions and templates, web design and other services.

    CartTuning U.S.A.
    5 5 5 7
  • Lapka is a tiny, beautiful personal environment monitor that connects with your phone to measure, collect and analyze the hidden qualities of your surroundings.

    Lapka U.S.A.
    7 6 6 7
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