The awards for design, creativity and innovation on the Internet

  • Sun Resorts is a hotel group in Mauritius which offers you some of the best hotels on the island, a quality stay according to your needs : family holidays, honeymoon, near golf courses...

    Connexion Digitale Factory FRANCE
    6 6 6 6
  • Since 1992, Bedussi has become a real institution for ice cream lovers and has been listed among the 10 best "gelaterie" in the world.  Their speciality is not only an outstanding final product that will make you love ice cream forever, but also the stubborn attention to details in every single production phase: from the selection of the natural ingredients, to the final delivery to the customers.  To express this philosophy Minimal has developed an ad hoc identity: a simple and distinguished design based on illustrations that celebrates what lies beneath a unique ice cream.

    MinimalDEsign ITALY
    7 7 7 7
  • Insights is an ongoing study within e3, discovering the canvas that surrounds us. Our latest: A tribute to Robin Williams, A man who had a vision to change the way people think and see.

    e3creative, Jake Welsh, Simon Fairhurst UNITED KINGDOM
    7 7 7 7
  • MLFB is the answer to your demands for a spring professional football league that’s explosive, innovative, and focused on the fan experience.

    Liquid Interactive U.S.A.
    8 8 8 8
  • A group effort to help reconnect the Colorado River to the Gulf of California and restore life to the Colorado River Delta.

    970 Design U.S.A.
    7 7 7 7
  • Bitly is the world's most popular link shortener, with over half a billion (yes "BILLION!") links shortened every month. The Bitly service is an integral part of social, SMS, email, and on-screen efforts for leading brands, marketers, publishers, government organizations, non-profits, and individuals. Trailing the meteoric success of Twitter, Bitly has sky-rocketed to become a household name. Their powerful Brand Tools are now used by the most well-known brands in the world, including Nike, GE, ebay, Verizon, BuzzFeed, American Eagle, Bloomberg, and many others.

    H1 Studios U.S.A.
    7 7 7 7
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