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Mcneil Brian

Mcneil Brian


Certified food practitioner. Passionate tv junkie. Troublemaker. Web guru. Social media specialist.

  • Canalplay creates the showerbox to let you watch your tv shows and movies everywhere, even in your shower.

    Creaktif FRANCE
    6 7 9 9
  • A Website illustrating the most representative World Cup Match Balls in the History

    150UP ITALY
    9 10 6 7
  • The ISO project is a simple platform designed to assist the elderly and less familiar with the internet to gain access to valuable internet content.

    Kristjan Ortego SLOVENIA
    6 8 8 8
  • Hop aboard the fantastic Walkr spaceship and start your adventure across the boundless cosmos. On a rocket built by an 11-year-old genius, you’ll use your “walking energy” to fuel the ship, allowing you to discover more than 50 fascinating planets, like Caramel Apple, Octopus Cavern, Heart of Flames, and more! Throughout the universe, you’ll also encounter delightful lost space creatures who will need your help along the way. It’s truly the adventure you’ve been waiting for!

    Fourdesire TAIWAN
    8 7 7 9
  • Welcome to AlsterCloud! We are developers and designers who defy gravity of the status quo, we take risks, we push boundaries. We are in business of propelling incredible ideas to the online stratosphere and we don’t settle for less. This website is the proof! All our mobile apps, websites or web apps launch our clients’ lives and businesses into another dimension and that’s why we approach them as if we are building spaceships. Check out our process and see for yourself.

    Alster Cloud SERBIA
    4 5 4 4
  • Digital communication agency

    Adveris FRANCE
    6 5 5 4
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