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Mathieu Vézina

Mathieu Vézina

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  • Mindworks created a new microsite showcasing the agency's showreel and latest projects. Its one page scroll site, using parallax and background video.

    Mindworks GREECE
    7 7 7 8
  • Step into the curious 3D world of Fox & Crow, an interactive agency in San Francisco' Barbary Coast. The site's environment changes depending on whether one visits during the day or at night. It features an animated drawing game that can be shared via social media. Hundreds of 3D models were created, staged, and animated to produce a unique and unforgettable experience.

    Fox & Crow U.S.A.
    7 5 7 7
  • JDA Homepage

    Brent Huffman U.S.A.
    8 7 8 7
  • We adapt existing websites to the dynamic environment of portable devices

    Adapt-a-Website CANADA
    8 7 7 8
  • "Just A Reflektor" is an interactive film directed by Vincent Morisset featuring a new song from Montreal-based rock band Arcade Fire. The film is designed to play on your computer's web browser while you cast a "virtual projection" on the screen using your mobile device. This is accomplished by holding up your mobile device in front of your computer’s webcam, which recognizes a code on the device's screen and is able to determine the device's position in real space.

    AATOAA, Google Creative Lab, UNIT9 U.S.A.
    7 5 9 8
  • Le Quai 19's website, a restaurant in Quebec City.

    Groupe DSI CANADA
    9 9 10 9