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  • Kommigraphics Design Studio is an award-winning communication agency, based in Athens – Greece. We specialise in effective branding and design paired with integrated marketing communication strategies and implementation, across a wide range of markets and media. Our strong belief in the power of creativity goes hand in hand with our strict conviction that a deep understanding of the market environment is vital to successful design and communication.

    Kommigraphics Design Studio GREECE
    10 9 10 10
  • Huppé Studio was created to develop the best quality image that art and technology have to offer. While maximizing control over the image produced, we go beyond science and photography thanks to the avant-garde imaginations of our artists. Each of our projects is taken beyond the highest levels of international photography.

    PhoenixMedia CANADA
    7 7 7 6
  • It was necessary to to tell about the benefits of using cards MasterCard® PayPass™ contactless payment technology and. Sections of the site contains important information about the features of card and the usage-points.

    Aimbulance Agency UKRAINE
    5 5 5 5
  • CTRLZAK are a hybrid team of artists based in Italy. Their name comes from the CTRL+Z keybord shortcut, which cancels the latest action performed. The website starts from the end backwards with a reverse scroll conveying the “CTRL-Z” idea of the brand. Towards the main menu there is a motif of intersecting rhombus creating a short introduction to their new website. One of the main elements of the logo is the triangle, orange and black that form the basis of the custom icons used on the page. At the heart of the site lies an interactive portfolio. Its innovation is based on the fact that it offers no definitive layout. The user can drag & drop the photos as he wishes creating custom individual previews. Apart from that, based on each screen’s size and resolution the layout is automatically adapted accordingly. It has been designed to adapt to all sizes and resolutions, from PC to mobile.

    Kommigraphics Design Studio GREECE
    10 9 10 10
  • Portfolio of Nobuaki Honma. Web Designer from Japan.

    Nobuaki Honma JAPAN
    9 9 9 7
  • We are a creatives cluster representing more than 60 agencies from different disciplines such as Branding & Communication, Product Design, Architecture & Interior Design, Motion & Sound Design, Photography, Lighting & Landscape Designe etc. We are matchmakers & Guardian Angels for Creatives. We source creative talent from Europe and the rest of the world in Asia.We bring together some of the best creatives of Europe to Asian corporations, individuals and super brands who understand the value of good design, high quality and innovation and want to stand out and lead in a highly competitive environment.

    Kommigraphics GREECE
    10 10 10 10