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Julien Rocs

Julien Rocs

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  • The official website of the movie retracing the history of the battle of Waterloo

    Dogstudio BELGIUM
    10 9 9 10
  • Explore street art from around the world with the Google Street Art Project. An ongoing collection of art from the streets.

    84.Paris FRANCE
    8 9 10 9
  • Études Studio works as a collective, established in 2012. Études designs and produces men´s contemporary fashion, artists books and offers its creative services. Études Studio is based in Paris and New York.

    Études Studio U.S.A.
    8 9 7 8
  • A complete overhaul of Adidas Originals Tumblr blog. Redesigning a responsive site for desktop, tablet and mobile using Tumblr’s API to tell stories in a new and innovative way.

    9 7 9 8
  • Culinary Storytelling.

    Antonio Diaz U.S.A.
    7 9 7 7
  • Reflections is an interactive portraits series allowing the visitor to interact with the photos. By activating the webcam, the visitors can see themselves in the reflection in the eyes of the portraits, replacing the reflection normally reserved for the photographer. Moreover, visitors can interact with the portraits by covering the webcam, virtually placing their finger on the forehead of the portraits. This triggers the subjects to "fall" backwards and eventually disolve into dust. This plays with the interaction between the portrait and the viewer, the photographer and the photographed, as well as the implicity of seeing photographs as imprints of memories which differs from the actual evanescent nature of real memories. There is also a physical installation of reflections, having multiple portraits displayed on screens around a gallery, allowing visitors to interact with them.

    Thomas Marcusson AUSTRALIA
    7 8 10 8
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