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Juan Behrens

Juan Behrens

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  • Glasses are becoming an integral accessory of our life style. Nowadays, to treat oneself with a second pair of glasses is no longer a privilege. People love to match their clothes with their glasses to change their look. Welcome to visit one of our stores and you’ll be excited and enthused with what we have to offer you.

    Locomotive CANADA
    10 7 7 10
  • Diseño Web y Diseño de Páginas Web en Chile, Basamos nuestro trabajo en la información y desafíos de su empresa, esto nos permite realizar un diagnóstico y plantear las soluciones de diseño web, arquitectura y usabilidad que mejor se adapten a sus necesidades. Nuestra política consiste en utilizar la experiencia como agencia digital en diseño web y en marketing online para brindar soluciones a nuestros clientes que generen un retorno de la inversión y agreguen valor real a las empresas y organizaciones.

    Agencia Nexo Digital CHILE
    5 5 5 5
  • We are a young creative digital agency. Internet is our passion but we don’t just make websites. We want to provide brands with the best services and solutions to reach their goals.

    5 5 5 5
  • JS Design is a portfolio based responsive website created for interior designer Judy Longbrook. The site is equipped with a custom content management system and was built with love.

    Harlo Interactive U.S.A.
    3 7 8 8
  • Website for Eat Me, two amazing women selling wildly-flavored homemade ice cream from their trikes in Rochester, NY

    Derek Crowe U.S.A.
    7 3 9 7
  • Get to know your future enemies in this planetary production that lets you explore the universe of Destiny. Walk the Moon, Mars and Venus Google Street View style and learn all about Earth’s most-anticipated game.

    MediaMonks NETHERLANDS
    10 9 9 9
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