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Joseph Woodhouse

Joseph Woodhouse


I am a photographer.

  • After hours of planning and developing we eventually can say: 2.0 is successfully launched! Regarding the modern and unique design developed from the in-house HARATECH Design Department and over 7.000 lines of code (without CMS and commentary) the site sets new standards in the Plastics Engineering business. The Site offers a blog-section, a dynamic news feed as well as different information-sections belonging to the different partitions of the company. Furthermore users can upload data in the Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing section to get their prototyping-quote fast and easy. One can say offers enough information and details for every 3D enthusiast accompanied by a modern and fresh design combined with a multitude of images also produced by the in-house HARATECH Design Department.

    HARATECH Design Department AUSTRIA
    6 7 7 5
  • Website for Lehigh Valley new home builder Nic Zawarski & Sons

    J Taylor Design U.S.A.
    7 5 7 6
  • We wanted to help the people of Oslo to discover Marka, the forest surrounding Oslo, by guiding them through easy trails with our Bysommer-app.

    Isobar Norge NORWAY
    7 6 6 7
  • Limoncello Studio est une société de design graphique. Leurs compétences comportent du webdesign, du print, de la vidéo, du skinning, etc...

    limoncello-studio FRANCE
    9 8 6 6
  • Take a virtual journey from San Francisco, through the Napa Valley and finally to Twin Pine Casino & Hotel.

    Crowd - Creative Communications U.S.A.
    7 6 6 7
  • Informing voters. Pollenize covers popular elections and presents you with everything you need to know about each candidate so that you can make an informed decision on election day.

    Really Awesome Doings CANADA
    7 6 7 8
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