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John Speed

John Speed

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  • 72andSunny is a modern, full-service design and advertising company with offices in Los Angeles and Amsterdam. The company specializes in using creativity to inspire passion.

    72andSunny U.S.A.
    9 7 9 10
  • Whiteboard is a creative agency devoted to purposeful ventures. Whiteboard works with individuals that create solutions, celebrate entrepreneurship, stand for justice, and believe in the progress of common good.

    Whiteboard U.S.A.
    6 6 7 8
  • I’m an art director and senior designer currently working in a marketing and communications agency based in Oliveira de Azeméis, GLOBAZ, since April 2008.

    bcdesign PORTUGAL
    6 6 6 7
  • Bluestepstudio is a creative design studio from Italy specializing in digital design and development.

    Bluestepstudio ITALY
    6 10 6 8
  • The Milk Every Moment site is designed to stir up fond memories of drinking milk with cookies, grilled cheese sandwiches and other favourite childhood foods. The site features videos of childhood activities that don’t make quite as much sense as drinking milk did. Visitors are encouraged to submit their own silly childhood photos or videos for a chance to win.

    DDB Canada / Tribal CANADA
    8 4 6 5
  • This is the story about a quest. One of the most beautiful fabrics, the perfect cut, an ideal balance between style and comfort.

    Nodymedia FRANCE
    7 4 9 6
1 2