Wanted: Professional UI/UX Design Guru To Rethink/Design Our Photography Storefronts

Southern Utah, U.S.A.

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We're looking for a highly talented UI/UX design professional that is able to rethink and simplify the interface of our photo gallery/storefront system.  This is a contract position, with potentially additional contract opportunities for you in the future.

Who We Are
Instaproofs ( http://www.instaproofs.com ) is a very small company located in Southern Utah. We provide customizable ecommerce galleries/storefronts to professional photographers across the globe. We are known in the industry for our robust feature-set, and for our superb customer service.

What We Need
We have many competitors, and in order to remain an active player in the game we need someone who can help us evaluate our competition and get one step ahead of the pack.

Your role would be to help us evaluate the current offerings of several of our competitors, and then to design and build a new storefront/gallery based on your findings.  

We will handle the back-end if you can handle the front.

And couple examples of our existing storefront design can be found here: 

Our Goals
The three primary goals we have for this redesign are:

(1) Create a device independent solution. Our existing design does not scale very well on mobile devices, and we would like the redesign to be as device-independent as possible.  Whether that's through responsive design or by some other means, we are open to your suggestions.

(2) Simplify the interface.  Our storefronts have a very large set of features and functionality built into them, and we would like those features to look and feel as natural and as simple as possible for users on all devices.

(3) Make it pretty.  Make it enjoyable.  Although technically two goals, they tend to fall into the same category a lot of the time.  Since our primary customers are professional photographers and their (generally female) clientele, the design should look as pretty (although not feminine) as possible and it should be a joy to use.

Your Compensation
Tell us your requirements, and we'll see what we can do.

How to Apply

Send an email to adam@instaproofs.com and let him know why you want the job and why you should get the job.