UI/UX Designer with Front-End Coding Skills

Anywhere, U.S.A.

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Let's try a job posting in plain language! Here goes...

We are a small team of designers and developers that build websites for a whole bunch of fun clients. We are looking for a new designer to join our team, but since this is a digital agency you should know some code too.

We'd like you to start out as an hourly or weekly contract, but if it works out we'll do full time.

Here's exactly where we need you to fit into our process...


  • "Accounts Man" closes the deal.
  • Project Manager sets it all up.
  • UX Designer does a responsive front-end prototype. <-- YOU HELP HERE!
  • Art Director kicks off the design process. <-- YOU HELP HERE!
  • Design gets done in PSDs or in the browser with HTML/CSS/JS. <-- YOU HELP HERE!
  • Front-end code gets tightened up by a wizard.
  • Back-end gets sewn in.
  • Testing and deployment.

 So as you can see, we need someone to work with a few different people doing designs for web and mobile devices. In rare occaisions we'll restyle a Shopify theme or something similar, but we're generally working with Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, JS and Photoshop.

We use HipChat and GoToMeeting all day for everyone who can't work in our NJ office. So telecommuting is ok, but you'll need to be around during EST business hours.


  1. Awesome portfolio.
  2. Front-end coding skills.
  3. Able to work during EST business hours.
  4. Not stupid.

Send evidence of those four things and your desired hourly rate and we'll talk!

How to Apply

Send an email to careers@papertiger.com Include: • your name • your contact info • cv/resume • link to your portfolio • a couple examples of your code in action