Technical Lead

Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A.

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CP+B is sometimes considered an Advertising Agency. But we don’t just make ads. Our primary mission is to make our clients famous in whatever medium we can. We are a company composed of creatives, designers, producers, strategists, developers and misfits spread across five offices: Boulder, Los Angeles, Miami, London and Sweden. 

Our culture rewards initiative and doesn’t fear risk. This spirit of invention extends to our point of view on technology. We are constantly searching for new ways to leverage emerging technologies to tell brand stories for our clients. 

As a result, few other workplaces will expose you to a broader variety of technologies. We work in web, native mobile, social media, digital out-of-home, and physical computing. If you’re a learner, a hacker, a maker or just plain thirsty to do more we have a lot to offer you.

A Tech Lead at CP+B works collaboratively with producers, user experience designers, and creatives to bring the ideas to life. The position is part hands-on and part management. 


  • Research technical options and discuss pros/cons with team
  • Project management (estimates, timeframe and team)
  • Create prototypes to prove out technical solution
  • Scaffolding the project (setting it up for junior devs to jump in)
  • Prioritize tasks for junior developers
  • Complex coding on specific projects
  • Utmost attention to detail / impeccable craftsmanship
  • Communicate with Producers, UX, Devs, and QA team

The ideal candidate can/has:

  • 8+ years of software development experience
  • Front end (all required): HTML, CSS, Javascript
  • Back end (one of the of the following): .NET, PHP, and/or Node.js
  • Excellent coding skills, and attention to detail
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Strong experience leading teams
  • Experience with high-demand, high-availability, and high-security architectures
  • Demonstrated experience and ability to learn new technologies

How to Apply

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