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Resn Amsterdam is looking for a tech'd out, tapped in, inspired technical manager type as our Tech Lead / Tech Director for our Amsterdam studio. You need to be high on the art of technomological love making & guidance, someone who can take the narwhal by the horn and provide only the best tech problem solving and daring do. You'll be fearless in the face of all the requirements and movements our projects demand, and be a critical part in sculpting projects.

You're the type of person who's all over the internet like a moth to a blowtorch, and nothing brings you more joy than stuff that you can swipe, click, rollover and pinch. You will have had your wicked way with more than a few interactive projects in your time and the mere mention of your previous work experience will make us belly flop into pools of joy. 

Leading from the front with the occasional dark night and thai takeaway push at crunch times, your infectious enthusiasm and inspirational team management will send the team into a rabid frothing mass of dev-flesh safe in the security blanky of your leadership embrace.

Desired Skills & Experience

You'll be

  • defining Resn's technical standards, strategy and training; enabling the team to consistently execute interactive experiences to Resn's exorbitantly high creative and technical expectations.
  • a technical client contact and point of escalation for technical issues.

  • planner and leader of the technical aspects of projects from conception through to delivery and beyond.

You'll ideally have

  • 3+ years experience in Senior Dev and/or Technical leadership in multi-disciplinary development teams. Preferably HTML, Flash, interactive 3D, Facebook, Mobile, and some back end, with an expert working knowledge of OOP techniques and design patterns.
  • experience in scoping, estimating and scheduling of project development and producing detailed associated documentation.

  • management experience interviewing, hiring and creating role descriptions.
  • exceptional ability to communicate (written, oral and telepathic) complex technical concepts in a way that is easy to understand, ensuring that non-technical colleagues and clients are able to understand approaches, issues and risks.

  • a calm, organised and coherent leadership style, with an uncanny prescience combined with the ability to see the future.
  • the ability to view projects from a high level perspective, drawing on knowledge from other members of the team in order to make strong, balanced and clear decisions, whilst also communicating the consequences of these decisions to the team.

Immigration & tax benefits

We can help arrange a your Residence Permits if needed. It is really quite easy and only takes about 6 weeks. Zoom.

If you are moving to Amsterdam from outside of The Netherlands then good news as you probably qualify for a 30% income tax reduction for up to 10 years!  For real!

Please send us some proof of cred, a CV with some name dropping of companies you have technically lead and projects you have made sexy and solid.

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