Senior UX/UI Designer


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Some interesting things you may not know about us and our clients:

  • Our clients have processed almost $2BN in orders selling everything from designer jewellery to iPad cases, t-shirts and surf boards.
  • We not only have well known brands like Bailey Nelson as clients, but 40,000+ entrepreneurs building the next big thing using the Bigcommerce platform.
  • We’re shaping not just e-commerce in Australia, but around the world.
  • We have clients in over 100 countries!
  • We are completely re-inventing small business commerce and impacting tens of millions of online shoppers every single day.
  • We obsess over blending simplicity and beautiful design with innovation and disruptive thinking.
  • Games room? Check. Free food. Yep. Free beer. Damn straight.

Why are user experience and design important to us?

- We don’t just pay lip service to UX, its part of everything what we do. From our CEOs down, we believe that delivering a good product experience is critical to our success.

- We love beautiful design, but what we love even more is providing value to our users. Our product impacts on people’s lives and businesses, so we spend our time trying to make it easier, faster and better at helping them get their jobs done.

- We understand that it’s not just about the destination though. The journey is also important, that’s why we think about the emotional experience when people use our product.


It’s not often you see an Australian role that truly gives you the opportunity to help shape a global brand’s UX. You’ll also be working with one of the best and most experienced product teams in Australia.

Who are you?

You’ve worked on a range of web projects, guiding them from discovery and concepting, through to testing and implementation. While you’re happy conducting workshops, interviews, surveys and a range of other research activities, you’re happiest when you’re prototyping (ideally in Axure, front-end chops a bonus) and putting them in front of users.

Many people in UX-land talk the talk, but can’t walk the walk. But not you, and you’ve got the portfolio to prove it. You can show how you broke down complex user problems to create simple yet powerful user interfaces, worked with engineering teams to bring your vision to life and generally got things done, regardless of the challenges. Like a Boss.

Your mission if you choose to accept it:

You’ll work on a range of ecommerce projects across desktop and mobile, working closely with our product managers and engineering. What you create matters and will make a difference, not just to our users but to our company. This is a fantastic opportunity to be part of an amazingly talented team, and help drive the user experience of one of the biggest ecommerce platforms in the world.

Your Team:

You will be part of our product team led by our VP of Product – Asok Boopathy a PayPal escapee who relocated from Silicon Valley to work with us.

What are our founders like?

Eddie and Mitch have been business partners for over 10 years. They met on IRC and decided to partner up when they realised they were both building similar products. They are not arrogant, they love working with smart people, they are very good at motivating the team, and they will treat you like an equal. If you have the desire to one day go out and take a shot at your own startup you will learn a lot from these two.

How to Apply

Please apply on our company website: