Product Designer

San Francisco, CA, U.S.A.

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If you've been following Dropbox for a while, you know that we like to keep things simple. We're looking for a driven Product Designer to refine Dropbox’s simplicity and apply it to new, amazing, and beautiful user experiences.

Dropbox has a bunch of projects in the pipeline, and we have an ongoing cycle of revamping our entire experience across web, client, and mobile. There are countless UX challenges and tons of pixels for you to push. We feel like we're in a unique position to change the way people interact with their digital stuff. You'd be at the forefront of our efforts and be directly responsible for decisions that shape the product. You’ll use your full range of skills from product design, interaction design, and visual design to build great experiences. Dropbox's San Francisco office is filled with all the tools you need and you'll be working with an awesome and like-minded team.

You're the perfect Product Designer for Dropbox if:

  • You're an experience whisperer -- you can distill complicated problems into simple and elegant solutions.
  • You have an understanding of what makes an experience good or bad -- you can think through user problems, find reasonable solutions, then mock them up in detail and work with engineers build them.
  • You love making things beautiful, and you have a strong understanding of composition, balance, symmetry, and white-space.
  • You have a highly refined aesthetic sense and can both work within and expand the 'Dropbox style'.
  • You're a self-starter who actively seeks ways to make the Dropbox experience both visually appealing and easy to use.
  • You look for opportunities to solve problems in unique and innovative ways. 
  • You understand the technical limitations and liberties behind your decisions, and have enough chops to communicate your ideas to engineers.
  • You are actively involved in defining product strategy.  
  • You think in terms of design systems and make rational design decisions.
  • You obsess over details, and are excited to polish until your work is pixel-perfect.
  • You have plenty of experience designing for the web, and understand how to apply both form and function within it while maintaining simplicity.
  • You're constantly pushing your limits and searching for opportunities to become better.
  • You create your own iconography, set up your own guidelines, and build easy-to-navigate documents.
  • Your team collaboration skills are unparalleled. 
  • You thrive in an environment with short feedback loops.
  • You want work on a team of the world's best software designers and engineers building a product that you use everyday!

How to Apply

Please include a link to your portfolio - there's a spot for it on the application page:,Job