Product Designer, Mobile at SoundCloud


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We’re looking for a Product Designer to work on product features for our native and web based mobile applications, in close collaboration with other Designers, Engineers and PMs.

With SoundCloud you have the opportunity to be involved in the entire process of delivering a new feature to the user, from the early ideation phase to testing and iterating on the actual implementation. You’ll help us shape the future of audio on the web, and continue to grow as the world’s leading social sound platform.

Your key responsibilities

  • Developing a holistic idea about features and products and developing solutions for design ideas.
  • Researching existing solutions that are relevant for your projects, identifying interesting aspects, and communicating the findings.
  • Creating an overall amazing experience for the user, backed by simple yet elegant interfaces and interactions.
  • Iterating on design solutions with prototypes, user feedback, etc.
  • Defining, documenting and communicating your designs.
  • Taking ownership of your features from early concept phase to the final implementation.

Required skills and experience:

  • You have a holistic understanding of design. You’re eager to understand the underlying problem and are able to work out concepts and ideas that are addressing the real issues.
  • It’s normal for you to work on a product from start to end and you won’t rest until an excellent and solid feature can be shipped to the users.
  • Prettiness means nothing to you, but simplicity and elegance the world. You’re able to not only visualise your design ideas in Photoshop, but you can bring them to life, using HTML, CSS, Javascript and/or other prototyping tools.
  • You understand the importance of a consistent set of styles and interactions within a complex product that finds its form on different platforms.
  • You see communication as a big part of your daily work. You’re not only interested in input from developers, users and everybody else, but you’re able to ask questions, give feedback and even critique on your peers design solutions.
  • You enjoy sharing information and thoughts with your peers and are able to communicate your own designs.
  • You’d be pretty much capable to develop a product yourself and ideally you’ve done that already. But you really prefer to work within a team and a company that gives you more opportunity to have impact.

Does this sound like you? Then we’d be happy to hear from you! Let us know in your cover letter your motivation for applying and attach links or pdf files of your CV / portfolio.

How to Apply Please make sure that your portfolio is illustrating your conceptual, visual and interaction skills well and that your influence on the result is clearly stated.