San Francisco, U.S.A.

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Yelp is looking for elite MySQL Database Administrators at the mid and senior levels who are excited about pushing the limits of MySQL on a website with over 117M+ unique users. The MySQL DBA is responsible for the optimization, performance, implementation, maintenance, and ongoing operation of Yelp's databases. This role also includes the architecture and implementation of databases and tables for new features, monitoring, capacity planning, and security.


  • Optimize and tune MySQL and InnoDB performance to keep our site fast!
  • Install, configure, and maintain MySQL instances in production
  • Configure and support replication
  • Continually improve monitoring, perform database capacity and usage planning
  • Manage backup and restore, maintaining runbooks & planning for disaster recovery
  • Assist developers with query tuning and schema design
  • Write and maintain scripts to automate tasks


  • Solid understanding of MySQL Server and InnoDB storage engine
  • Familiarity with MySQL replication, configuration, and strategies
  • Demonstrated experience with relational database performance tuning and capacity planning (preferably with MySQL)
  • Strong systems administration and automation skills
  • Strong command of your favorite scripting and/or programming language.  Yelp mostly uses bash and python, but we try to treat all Turing Complete languages equally
  • Min. BS Computer Science or equivalent
  • Min. 2 years experience as a DBA or equivalent
  • Excellent communication skills
  • A sense of humor!


  • Knowledge and enthusiasm around all things Percona Server
  • InnoDB internals/debugging/tuning experience, and hankering to do more
  • Experience at a large-scale consumer internet site
  • Experience with distributed database systems
  • Passion for experiments, trying new things, and developing tools

Interested in applying? Sweet! Share why you want to work at Yelp, and don't forget to mention any side projects, open source contributions, and personal websites/blogs.

How to Apply

Apply here:,Job&jvs=37signals