Mid-senior Developer


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Developers are the architects, engineers, and inventors of the Your Majesty kingdom. Talented, inquisitive and passionate, developers collaborate on the great ideas, and then bring them to life like no one else can. A mid-senior developer can expect to work closely with other talented developers, designers and producers on award-winning projects in a fun, relaxed, collaborative atmosphere.


  • Frontend development in mainly HTML5/CSS/Javascript
  • Backend development in mainly RoR and PHP
  • Planning and estimations of projects in various shapes and sizes
  • Research and prototyping


  • 3+ years experience of web development (frontend and/or backend)
  • Ability to write beautiful and maintainable code
  • Great understanding of web standards, browser compatibility and best practices
  • Excellent verbal/written communication skills
  • Experienced with Git workflow


  • Knowledge of languages like HAML, SASS and CoffeeScript
  • Experience with other backend technologies than RoR or PHP
  • Knowing the differences between SQL and noSQL databases and being able to leverage the strengths of both
  • Experience with WebGL, GLSL and other new HTML5 features
  • Experience with openFrameworks, Cinder or similar frameworks
  • Linux administration experience and server provisioning


You have your technology of preference, be it frontend or backend, but you strive to know something about everything. You want to work in an environment that allows you to develop your skills and keep you up to date with what's new. You pay great attention to details and can manage your own time. You're interested in learning more about design and strategy, and to spend time inspiring and be inspired by great people in an open, flat and fun workplace.


Your Majesty strives for chivalry, courtesy, and excellence in everything we do. We work with brands like Grolsch, KLM, McDonalds, Adidas and many more. We also develop our own products. We are located in the heart of Amsterdam and we are a collective of enthusiastic, inventive and talented Knights of all different backgrounds– united in the love of all things digital and beyond.

How to Apply

E-mail hr@yourmajesty.co. PDF attachments only please.