Lead Developer


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You're a platform-agnostic software-minded person with an interest in technology, film, team building and problem solving

You will have input into creative decisions and pitches as well as ownership of the technical decisions for all projects you are involved in. You'll work closely with the developers, designers, creatives and producers in the team.

You'll be responsible for coming up with creative solutions for technical problems, and for making sure that every project you supervise is stable, error-free and meets client expectations.

You should be interested in emerging technologies and trends, be interested in experimentation, and have an expert knowledge of front- and back end coding technologies and server architectures. You should also know about, or be interested in learning about, the issues around serving video online and interactively.

We're looking for people who live for technology and love to collaborate. You will be at the heart of the creative process so a good appreciation of usability and interaction design will be required. Preference will be given to technologists with skills in other areas as well, be it Objective C or Java programming, music, video editing, photography, electronics or motion graphics.

About You:

* You have an innate sense for the structure of an application, as well as what is likely to work, what won't, and what's worth trying.

* You're full of ideas about how to improve any given technological project, as well as how to improve the technology itself.

* You have strong knowledge of HTML/CSS/JS, graceful degradation and progressive enhancement, and new front end technologies.

* You know where Flash excels and where HTML is the stronger technology.

* You know all about server environments and their limitations, including the stresses caused by live videocasting and media-driven traffic;

* You have a working knowledge and/or interest in various film techniques and the filmmaking process;

* You understand the issues around video encoding, including bitrates, encoder compatibility and limitations, and the performance implications of various decoders.

* You're a developer at heart, probably specialising in a single language but you've dipped your toes in other coding environments.

* You read up on technological advances and know the ins and outs of everything from the latest Flash or Chrome update all the way through to the most interesting new Kinect hacks.

* You're proactive, enthusiastic and have a passion for learning about and developing emergent technologies;

* You can plan, prioritize and manage your workload across multiple projects;

* You are comfortable discussing and explaining your solutions with non-technical staff;

* You enjoy working in a team environment and contributing to the team's ideas;

* You're passionate about current industry trends and developments;

This position requires at least 4+ years experience in a senior developer role, preferably in an agency or production company environment.


How to Apply

Please email careers@stinkdigital.com